Happy Friendship Day

1. A friend is someone who cares
Someone who is always there

2. A friend is someone special
Someone who you can tell everything

3. A friend is someone who will never betray you
No matter who doesn’t like you

4. A friend is someone you can trust
Someone kind of like you

5. My friend you are so true at heart,
Our friendship is so strong,
That no can make us apart,
You are my best friend, my true buddy,
With you in my life, I feel no fear,
Thank you my friend my dear!

Happy Friendship Day Shayari


1. Good friends care for each Other..
Close Friends understand each Other…
and true Friends stay forever
beyond words, beyond time.
Happy Friendship Day

2. FRiEND in different lanaguages…
Iranian – DOST
German – FREUND
Herbew – CHAVER
French – AMi
Pinoy – KAiBiGAN
Dutch – VREND
Mexican – AMiGO

For me.. just simply “YOU”
Happy Friendship Day

3. Yeh Dosti chirag hai ise jalaye rakhna,
ye Dosti gul hai ise khilaye rakhna,
Hum rahe na rahen is jahan mein…
Bas hamari yaad Dil me basaye rakhna.
happy Friendship day.

4. Dosti to sirf ittefaq hai
yeh to Dillon ki mulaqat hai
Dosti nahi dekhti ye din hai ki raat hai
isme to sirf wafadari aur jazbaat hai!
Happy Friendship Day.

5. Don’t walk behind me;
I may not lead.
Don’t walk in front of me;
I may not follow.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.
Happy Friendship day.

6. When tears flow in your eyes…
Always remember two things:
Im here and I care I love you
More then yeterday,
And less then tomorrow
Love comes and goes but friends stay forever.

7. FRiendship is a network that needs,
No recharge,
No roaming,
No validity limit,
No activation,
No signal problems,
No low battery,
FriendShip is life time incoming..
Happy Freindship Day.

8. Friends are not games 2 play,
Friends are not words 2 say,
Friends don’t start in march and ends in may,
Friends means yesterday, today and tomorrow…
Happy Friendship Day.

9. Look Outside it’s So Pleasant!
Sun Smiling 4 U !
Trees Dancing 4 U !
Birds Singing 4 U !
Because, I Asked Them All 2 Wish You
“A Happy Friendship Day”

10. Age Appears To Be Best In Some Things.
Old Wood Best To Burn.
Old Books Best To Read.
Old Rice Best To Eat And
Old Friends Best To Keep.
Happy Friendship Day