Happy Friendship Day

1. A friend is someone who cares
Someone who is always there

2. A friend is someone special
Someone who you can tell everything

3. A friend is someone who will never betray you
No matter who doesn’t like you

4. A friend is someone you can trust
Someone kind of like you

5. My friend you are so true at heart,
Our friendship is so strong,
That no can make us apart,
You are my best friend, my true buddy,
With you in my life, I feel no fear,
Thank you my friend my dear!

New Year Wishes 2016

1. May each day of the coming year
Be vibrant and New bringing along
Many reasons for celebrations & rejoices.
Happy New Year!

2. This New Year may you fill up the blank pages of the new leaves
opening up with evergreen notes and simple virtues that make life beautiful.
Happy New Year and God bless you.

3. End each year with some good lessons and
start a brand new one by showing that you have learnt lessons of the past well.
Happy New Year