Yaadein- Feeling Nostalgic


Some of the best moments in life:-

  • Lying in bed listening to the rain outside…
  • Thinking about the person you love…
  • A long drive on a calm road…
  • Finding money in your old jeans just when you need it…
  • Giggling over silly jokes…
  • Holding hands with a friend…
  • Getting a hug from someone who loves u…
  • The moment your eyes fill with tears after a big laugh…
  • Wishing you these moments in your life always..!

Yaadein Shayari – I miss my Dad

Miss-you-a-lot dad
I wish I had my dad by my side
Just thinking of him makes me cry
Never being able to get to know him
Hurts me inside everyday that goes by
The stories I hear
To my eyes they bring a tear
Before I had to say good-bye
I wish with him I had more time
My mom lets me know how much he cared
Since I was too young to have my own memories to share
Seeing pictures of him I want to know
Why so soon he had to go
Good things that he did to help someone else
Hearing about that just makes my heart melt
I just hoped that the time with him could have been longer
Because I know he was a loving husband and father
I am sad that we are apart
I miss my dad with all my heart

Inspirational Poem – Mom I love you

motherly love - inspirational poem
You know I Love You, you know I do.
I just wish you could talk to me like I talk to you.
I know how hard you try to speak,
but those brain cells you lost made your body so weak.
I know you hear me and I hear you too,
Above the stars and even the Moon.
I hear you in my heart and even in my soul
and I’ll always make sure you have your radio.
You loved to sing, you loved to dance
and hopefully you’ll have that 2nd Chance.
I know your strong but still too weak,
My Dear Mother Please Don’t Weep.
I hear you when I’m down more than any time,
your saying “Linda, pick yourself up and hold your head up tall.”
I try so hard to live my life,
but without you in my life it’s hard I’d have to say.
Mom I remember so much of you that it hurts to even say,
but at least I have those few memories that I know will always stay.

Friendship Shayari – Why do we need friends

friendship- shayari - Why do we need friends
We need friends for many reasons
all throughout the four seasons.

We need friends to comfort us when we are sad
and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice
We need someone we can count on to treat us nice.

We need friends because we are social in nature
and having friends makes us feel secure.

We need friends to remember us once we have passed
sharing memories that will always last.