Inspirational Women’s Day Wishes


It’s the day to celebrate
It’s the day to think
For all that the world have done
To the charming colour pink

They blocked off her way
They chased her that day
They stormed all her life
Her blurred eyes did say

An unarmed woman
With self arrested courage
They pulled down her confidence
With their harsh and sharp image

They found her so helpless
They made her to cry
They turned her life to hell
And forced her to die

But let me say a word
A word full of hope
She made her way out
And learned how to cope

A woman, a mother, a wife
With patience she strives
Caring,bearing and working
Still struggling with life…

Motivational Shayari – Mera Gaanv ki mitti

Shayari village & city
Bada Bhola Bada Sada Bada Sachha Hai,
Tere Shahar Se To Mera Gaanv Achha Hai,

Wahan Main Mere Pita Ke Naam Se Jana Jata Hu,
Aur Yahan Makan Number Se Pahchana Jata Hu,

Wahan Fate Kapdo Mein Bhi Tan Ko Dhanpa Jata Hai,
Yahan Khule Badan Par Tatu Chhapa Jata Hai,

Yahan Kothi Hai Bangle Hain Aur Kaar Hai,
Wahan Parivar Hai Aur Sanskaar Hain,

Mat Samjho Kam Hamein Ke Hum Gaanv Se Aaye Hain,
Tere Shahar Ke Bazaar Mere Gaanv Ne Hi Sajaye Hain,

Wahan Ijjat Mein Sar, Sooraj Ki Tarah Dhalte Hain,
Chal Aaj Hum Usi Gaanv Mein Chalte Hain,

Usi Gaanv Mein Chalte Hain…