Love Shayari in English – with its Beauty

Romantic Love poem
As the blue sky started fading,
I was thinking of you as my heart was racing,

My imagination was blocked, your love set it free,
Your beautiful soul in my mind is all I could see,

The clouds changed colors right before my eyes,
The blue faded away and the bright orange filled the sky,

As the vivid colors faded unto the night,
The beautiful sunset still shined bright,

With it’s beauty it fights the lonely dark which tries to overcome her,
In the clash it creates a light of illuminated vibrance and color,

It reminded me of your endomitable spirit that shines forever,
I wish so much that I could share it with you together,

As the horizon turned darker and the light faded away,
My heart was still fixed on your love, it will never go astray,

Always knowing that tomorrow your love will wake me,
As the morning light shines throught my bedroom window brightly.

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