Friends.. A biggest Asset That We all Are Bestowed With.. I Bet You wil Start Missing Your Friends After Reading This

friendship Shayari
Thanks for being there
and smacking me into my senses
when I become so unaware.

Dearest friend
what would I do without you
your always there with me
telling me to always be me.

Dearest friend
wish I could take it back
all the stupid things I did…
all the hurtful words I said.

Dearest friend
why couldn’t I see…
that you were always there for me.
No matter what, you hold the key,
you’ve always seen something more in me.

Dearest friend
you’ve always cared more that I knew. It hurt you when I said I love
you to another, cuz I only saw you as a brother.

Dearest friend
I should have seen…
all the love you had for me.
Now that I do, I want to say… I love you more with each day! 🙂

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