Stay Safe Stay Healthy Stay Positive

1.Please don’t post videos in whatsapp of Police beatings on the road

After watching these videos wives are purposely sending their husband to get vegetables/groceries

2. Only essential services to be available.

Schools, colleges, University :
all type of education is missing from the Essential list.

I realized: how many years of my life I wasted on non-essential activity

3. This quarantine is Gods way of accepting a ton of wishes of:

1. Kids: Can we have no school and play all day? – Done

2. Women: can we have the undivided attention of my husband who works so hard?- Done

3. Husbands: I’m sick of this traffic and commuting i wish i cud stay at home and work n Get paid: Done

4. Working Moms: I wish I could spend some quality time with my kids and read… Done

5.Students: I wish i wouldnt have to study for my exams? – Done

6. Old Parents: Wish our kids could spend more time with us rather than being busy everyday? – Done

7. Employee: Hate my job, i need a break.- Done

8. Employers: Have no life, wish could sit home and watch TV. Done

9. Mother Earth: I cant breathe, i wish I could get a break from all this pollution and chaos… DONE

Yet we all complain- Beware what you wish – You might just get it !!

Your will power can create an absolute multiverse.
Have faith in your absoluteness.

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