Stay Safe.. Stay Positive

1. I called my friend yesterday night at 10.30pm, he said he was very busy, working on a special Project “Aqua Thermal treatment of Ceramics, Aluminium and Steel under a constrained environment”.

I was impressed.

Later I realized – saala bartan dho raha tha, under the supervision of his wife !!

English is a Beautiful language !

2. PM Modi 2016 – aaj raat 12 baje se 1000 aur 500 ke note nhi chalenge.

PM Modi 2020- aaj raat 12 baje se log nhi chalenge.

3. Trump woke up after listening to India clapping/ Crackers/ whistling and calls Modi – Did you invent drug to treat Carona ?
Modi : No
Trump : Did you stop further cases
Modi : No
Trump: Then why all this celebration
Modi : in Our Bollywood after few serious scenes we have a song and dance sequence which has nothing to do with the story or plot. We are just following the formula

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